Undo insurance is a Danish startup aiming to make insurance understandable, transparent and fair to younger generations.

With a no-nonsense approach and an online only service, Undo has now over 10k monthly subscriptions.

As the lead designer since late 2018, I am responsible for the app and web experience and the overall visual representation across those platforms.

The strong brand and focus on user experience are key to provide the best service to the end user in innovative ways. My job is to blend those two and unify them in a visually coherent story.

This by the creation and management of an always evolving design system while still challenging the status quo and finding the right visual solutions for design problems.

Apart from producing designs I am also responsible for the design process, managing regular review sessions with the team and for building and maintaining a design culture within the company.

Funfact: in 2019 we were the proud winners of the Nordic Fintech Design award.