Apart from commissioned work, I am also taking online coding courses with SuperHi. Here you can see a few of the courses projects and my take on them.

Sad Jokes For Sad Designers - a way to express some things I experience on a daily basis with employers, clients or collegues - no hard feelings by the way.

Oh Boy & Jack - something about custom cursors and drawers with javascript - I wanted to go for a comic book look with this one.

Speculative shapes - a website to explore ways to showcase some of my charcoal drawings.

Vernissage - a website about a vernissage I have organised and curated with some of my friends.

Alongside the SuperHi courses I'm following, I'm also following some of Tim Rodenbrökers courses and a huge fan of his community.

I'm still in the process of finetuning and finishing up these courses and project but I mainly use it as ways to broaden my toolset and creative expression.